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We’re here to help leaders, founders and people of an organization with their breakthrough on sales and create the right environment to accelerate growth and make their most exciting dreams come true.


Let’s meet and see if we can have some energy flowing. Business is more than just doing a trick. We believe that energy, inspiration and creativity flowing is the basis of all successful connections, for us it’s not about functions, roles or status.
In our life we’re just passengers who are passing through and we hate to be mediocre.
We bring fun and value to both sides of the table.

What We Do

We boost your sales

Based on our experiences from our fast growth organizations we bring value through knowledge, structure, tools, insights and execution on sales.

We believe that your DNA has brought you to this level. We only have to polish old habits, into new disciplines.
A-6 are 6 simple & effective steps to grow your revenu.
Your organization sales ready for the future.
We implement A-6 or you can outsource your sales.


(Re)define your commercial strategy, create discipline and achieve your goals. You’re awesome and your People also and so your brand is awesome.
Markets and clients are changing all the time through the revolution of technology. If you want to keep winning, you have to challenge your ways of working.


Using the right and new technologies to gain more traffic, more interesters and believers in your product or services.
On the other hand sales is all about habits. We use several tools and insights to create a high performance sales environment.
It creates focus and clarity through feedback, dialogue and actions and that creates commitment and the right ambiance.


Creativity is just connecting things and the basis of keeping things simple. How to stay top of mind? How to influence the market? How to be relevant? What do people buy and why? How to help people buy.

A-6 is our basis to bring structure, discipline and execution.
Sales is a process.


There are great strategies, visions, plans, products, services and people. But being successful is all about execution. Make the sale and deliver. If you don’t sell, you have the wrong strategy or the wrong people or lousy execution.

A-6 helps your organization to execute on sales.

Who we are

We Create High Performance Sales Teams

We are a Entrepreneurs located in the Netherlands.
We believe that every Organizations needs focus and discipline to growth.
Growth = Focus x Discipline x Teamwork x Innovation

It’s just like sports, you have to engage the right People for the Job, set focus on your goal(s), use smart tools to gain more sales leads, create the right ambiance and do the right stuff. We help Organizations, the founders and the teams to accelerate growth. Using the 4 decisions of the Rockefeller Habits; Cash, People, Strategy & Execution.

Our Work



We are a team of product addicts and design lovers. From our studio in Amsterdam we design, develop and admire beautiful and unique products. Every brand represents a different style and has their own story. Besides owning our own labels, we’re also distributor (importer) for several other design brands, this means our team covers inside and outside sales, PR and the full distribution. We sell to high-end design and interior stores, museum stores, department stores and several project customers like hotels, clubs and restaurants.

SYCADE .NET koningen

Building the brand and accelerate growth

Sycade has the triple-A status and wants to move up the value chain in delivering end to end solutions in Business Intelligence, Tailor made software, near sourcing and projects. They have the best .net software developers inhouse and are capable to deliver to all kind of clients of all sizes and have build up several track records.

Trade Square

Rolling out global, growth hack
90-Days Challenge and resources

TradeSquare; great events at your fingertips.
TradeSquare is your global partner in ticket sales and access management.
Augmented Identity for events. Virtual Tickets everywhere.
Mobile first solution.


Disrupt the salescycle and coach consultants on sales
2x 90-Days Challenge

InContext is an extraordinary consulting firm that helps organizations and their people to be the best they possibly can be. Breathing life into your vision, rethinking your business, fuelling growth, finding new ways and helping you to bring sustainable value to everyone in and around your company.

Makelaar voor een Uur

Strategic growth


Makelaar voor een uur

Makelaar voor een uur is the national full service broker that helps you in a fair way to successfully sell your property. With Makelaar voor een uur you pay fixed low brokerage costs and you are assured of the service and expertise of your personal broker. We arrange the sale of your house offline and online: from the visits by your personal agent to a marketing campaign by our experts (including placement on Funda). Makelaar voor een uur does not charge brokerage, but a basic rate plus an amount per visit. Our virtual reality tour is a unique online experience of your home. The online presentation brings the potential buyer close to reality. For example, a home seeker can better determine whether the home is his or her dream home and only real interested parties come to your home. This ensures fewer visits and maximum results. We also offer personal guidance
at predetermined fixed low rates.

IMPACT on the Job

Business coaching on growth

IMPACT on the JobInspired (management) teams are the driving force for growth acceleration. They are 17% more productive, realize 10% higher customer loyalty, have 41% less absenteeism and are 21% more profitable. How beautiful is that?

C-Sharp Sports

Funding and opening countries

C Sharp Sports: one application for all the information your sports team need. Ready to win the game.

Minuutje Het spel

Funding and from Alpha to Beta

A-6 The process

From zero to Customers

A-6 is our basis to bring structure, discipline and execution.
Sales is a process.
In strategic sessions as the OnePage strategic session (Business Model canvas) , K.I.A./ P.P.P.S. session we build the sales campaign with several online lead & conversion content to gain more successful customers.


The customer for <YOUR BRAND> that doesn’t know you

> All through SOCIAL SELLING


The customer is interested

> Through a combination of SOCIAL SELLING & PITCHING


The Customer that beliefs in the benefit of your services/ product

> Through a combination of PITCHING & PRESENTING


The customer who wants to distinguish himself by means of a offered solution

> Through a combination of PRESENTATION & PROPOSALS


The customer who benefits from the cooperation with your services / product

> Through a combination of PRESENTATION & PROPOSALS


We Make Our Customers Happy

Success sells.
These are the plans we offer, nothing more nothing less.

Commercial Audit

2-Days Session; with the Management and Team(s) to bring the whole Organization on a Map.
Analyzing the Strategy, the People and the Execution and building up the new Strategy and Execution.

Using the focus first on the core; unusual offer, customer focus and impeccable image and translate that to Pressures, Plans, Problems and Solutions.

Commercial Discipline

Sorry guys, but Marketing and Sales is just a process which you can measure and forecast. We help Organizations and Teams to be disciplined and focus on the goal(s). Create the right Ambiance and Rhythm. We call this A-6.
To set the foundation of growth. If the Teams are aligned to the Task the need to do, they will have the power to influence and bring their creativity to be outstanding.

90-Days Challenge

Yes, we can bring your Organization in our 90-Days Challenge fully ready to grow. It starts with the Audit, we do Interviews, research and will bring together with the Team the Plan to grow your Organization. Your Team will be empowered, energyzed and fully aware of your Vision and Mission. And yes,
we implement A-6.
“Individuals win games, Teams win Championships”

Outsource your sales

Do you need the right People for growth.
Ready to outsource your sales?
We’ll take you through the whole journey of A-6 and put our best People on the job.
So you will have the customers and the revenu without the challenges of a sales department

Challenge us and we will challenge you.


Let’s challenge each other

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